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Ryan Katrina

With salvaged surplus, it's common to work with materials that are decades old.


Some materials show signs of use and even include things like handwritten nametags. Other materials are from dead stock and have never actually been used. We take great care to ensure that the fabrics we use for our bags are in good conditon. However, as many of the materials have been used they may naturally show the effects of time such as small holes and discoloration. These elements are intentionally included as we believe they add to the character and uniqueness of the bag. 


Some materials have been in storage for the last 30 years and they might occasionally have a slight storage smell that disappears quickly. The materials are at the core of everything. Sourcing the material can be a time consuming and challenging process. Because of this,the design of each bag is very dependent on the materials we find. 

After sourcing and designing, all the materials are cut and sewn by hand in house.