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Limited Issue Shirts


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Limited Issue Shirts

Ryan Katrina

The front of each shirt is individually typeset by hand using vintage woodtype. As a result, the letter-spacing is varied, and each impression distinct (some light, others dark), making each shirt unique and perfectly imperfect.

The inside neck tag and sizing, lower inside edition number, branding, and garment care instructions are also stamped by hand. Altogether, there are 12 impressions on each shirt, all done by hand, one at a time.

Additionally, two custom hangtags are created for each shirt. Hand-cut and hand-stamped with a grommet insert and red thread.

Also hand crafted are the double-sided brand card and envelope, as well as the packaging which includes branding on the front, and sizing and description on the back.

As a companion piece, I print linocuts in limited edition colorways, each in a branded brown paper bag, with a sticker, and signed and numbered to match the edition number of the shirt.